Jatta Lavi


    Master of Arts, Department of Ceramics and Glass Design, University of the Arts, Helsinki, 1997.

    Jatta designs and manufactures the products himself in small series production using handcraft methods in his studio in Helsinki.

    Along with the high level of design and quality, Jatta takes into account the ecological nature of the production process. The material of their products is mainly porcelain. The magical transparency and lightness of porcelain is often an inspiration in my designs. The objects are intended for use and, with the exception of the porcelain can, are machine washable.

    Materials and manufacturing

    All products are handmade using small series methods: casting and pressing into a mold. The porcelain products are fired at 1240°C. The red clay products are made from domestic red clay, which comes from Kultela in Someron.


    The dishes are dishwasher safe, except for the porcelain can.