Kauniste is a company founded in Helsinki in 2008. We design and manufacture textiles bursting with joy and color, where the works of illustrators and visual artists are combined with ecological products that are used every day.

    Beautiful patterns are created by hand drawing, cutting patterns from paper and painting with bold brushstrokes. We think the designer's handprint can be seen in the final product. Kaunisteen's patterns always have their own juju and story to tell.

    Kaunisteen's textiles are made in Europe, from the weaving of the fabrics to the printing and sewing of the finished product. In manufacturing, we want to emphasize natural materials as raw materials, as well as a high-quality and ethical manufacturing process.

    Kaunistee's high-quality interior fabric combines ecological linen and easy-care cotton. Flax is a durable fiber whose cultivation does not require artificial irrigation or pesticides. Half-linen is woven in a factory that uses renewable energy, and the water used in the production is purified and recycled back into use.