MAFKA / Kari Alakoski & Marja Hepo-Aho


    MAFKA is a glass studio in Riihimäki. Kari and Marja work as glass artists in the Mafka glass studio.

    Kari Alakoski: The blower master's road has passed through Iittala and Nuutajärvi to Riihimäki. Now in Riihimäki's old glass factory, classics of the future are created. Alakoski produces his works experimentally using several demanding techniques. His art glass reflects a long experience and a strong vision.

    "The work is best realized when the characteristic way of the glass takes shape and my vision meet." ---- Kari Alakoski

    Marja Hepo-Aho : Mafka products and works are designed and manufactured by glass artist Marja Hepo-aho in Riihimäki's old glass factory.
    His timeless objects combine traditional glass working and modern design. Individual Mafka glass products are high-quality, mouth-blown functional art.

    "The best thing about working with glass is when an insight opens the way to realize something new. The best ideas are often hidden behind apparent simplicity." ---- Marja Hepo-Aho