TUNDRA NATURAL soaps and bath products are high-quality feel-good products, suitable as gifts, which at the same time tell the story of the unique and pure nature of the north. Natural soaps remind us of summer's tasty berries and green trees, even in the midst of frosty days. The shapes of the soap are as rough and unique as nature's own works of art such as rocks and ice. Herbal baths draw their strength from the summer night's sunshine, which gives all plants and herbs special vitality in the northern summer.

    Bar soaps and herbal bath products are made in the heart of Savo in our own small workshop with a lot of heart. The Tundra Natural product series originated from the idea of ​​a woman who is in love with nature and herbs, who comes from Lapland and appreciates Finnish craftsmanship and design in addition to environmental friendliness.

    "After studying natural products in Rovaniemi, in the Arctic Circle, I discovered the world of nutrient-rich herbs and plants that care for human skin. I want others to be able to enjoy these wonderful gifts of pure nature and thus make their own bathing time a natural pleasure.
    I've also always admired the beauty of nature as it is, and that's why I wanted to bring that into my products and packaging as well.
    And what's important, environmentally friendly products can be enjoyed with a good conscience and given to others as a gift." ---- Designer and maker, Katja