HILE SOLA filter bag holder
HILE SOLA filter bag holder
HILE SOLA filter bag holder

HILE SOLA filter bag holder

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At Sola, the coffee filters remain unwrinkled, in good condition and always at hand. The rack fits the most common filter sizes and has a capacity of at least one hundred pieces. Sola is locally produced and hand-finished in Finland from Finnish birch plywood.

Sola combines usability that makes everyday life easier, timeless design and high-quality materials. The filter bags stay organized in the rack, wrinkle-free and easy to reach. You will also see immediately when it is time to get a refill. The free-standing Sola is suitable for keeping at a level next to the cooker, in a cupboard or in a drawer.

Materials and manufacturing:
Solat is produced locally and finished by hand in Finland from domestic birch veneer pressed into shape. Sola's PEFC certified domestic birch veneer is manufactured by Koskisen Oy.
The molding and cutting of the product is done by Formesa Oy. In the White Pass
has a thin polypropylene film on the surface to make it easier to keep clean and increase durability. The sales package for Sol is made by Grafimax Oy from domestic cardboard.

The precise and demanding hand-crafted finishing and packaging of the products is handled by Hile at his workshop in Sörnäis, Helsinki. Sola's wooden surfaces have been treated with an organic oil mixture.

If necessary, clean with a damp cloth and dry immediately so that the wood does not remain wet. Wood surfaces can be renewed every few years with oils intended for surface treatment of wood surfaces. This is how Sola remains beautiful year after year and decade after year.

Width 192 mm
Height 108 mm
Depth 70 mm

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