Sauna aromas
Sauna aromas
Sauna aromas
Sauna aromas

Sauna aromas

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The bath bag can be used as a SPARKLING SCENT or a FOOT BATH. The biodegradable bag contains genuine Finnish birch leaves. For sauna users who want to keep the decks and sauna clean, but still want the smell of a birch forest.
The bathing bag comes with a card with instructions.
The bag can be used 2-3 times if you hang it to dry between uses.

BIRCH : SAUNA FRAGRANCE, which contains one birch leaf bath bag with label card. As a sauna scent, it brings the scent of summer to sauna. In a foot bath, birch leaves gently cleanse the skin and relax tired muscles.

BIRCH&CURRANT: As a sauna fragrance, it brings the smell of summer to sauna.
In the foot bath, Birch-currant bath gently cleanses the skin, relaxes tired muscles and gives off aromatic scents.

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