The books of the Lighthouse of Finland
The books of the Lighthouse of Finland

The books of the Lighthouse of Finland

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A large Finnish lighthouse book presents all Finnish lighthouses with pictures, construction information and stories. The 330-page book is a plush reading package for lovers of lighthouses!

Lighthouses still have a fascinating and mysterious reputation. Seeing the lighthouse has meant a safe passage from the night and stormy sea to the home port.

Stories of shipwrecks, lonely lighthouse keepers, hunger and shipwreck have been preserved from generation to generation. Nature has always been strongly present in the archipelago.

The lighthouses are still cultural treasures of the archipelago. Many of the lighthouses have been spared destruction in the wars, and most of those that were destroyed in the wars have been rebuilt as a memory for posterity and as guideposts for boaters. Most of Finland's lighthouses were built in the 19th century and they are all different, different sizes and different colors.

330 pages. 21x25cm.


The lighthouse guide presents the most famous and most beautiful lighthouses in Finland.

Many of Finland's lighthouses are culturally significant buildings. The lighthouses are all different and therefore unique. After the lighthouses were automated, the lighthouse keepers moved away from the islands, but the majority of lighthouses still have a light to guide mariners. Of the signature beacons without light, only the oldest one, which is Lyöki's pook from 1757, has been presented.

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