BIRTH Marja Hepo-Aho&
BIRTH Marja Hepo-Aho&
BIRTH Marja Hepo-Aho&
BIRTH Marja Hepo-Aho&

BIRTH Marja Hepo-Aho's bird artwork

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SYNTYMINEN is a celebration exhibition of glass artist Marja Hepo-aho's 10-year career as an artist.
The works of the festive exhibition are based on the techniques used and developed by the artist.

The Birth exhibition deals with different stages of life, but the journey is the same in all of them: birth as a woman, a daughter, a friend, an artist, a person, one's own self.

The theme of giving up is present in all works.
With the exhibition "Birth" the artist has decided to be born again.

The historical works are mouth-blown glass, with which the artist often combines other materials, the objects have in common a multifaceted treatment of the surface by engraving, sandblasting and gilding. Some of the works use the demanding and rare grail technique.

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