DOG OF THE YEAR 2019 Reidar

DOG OF THE YEAR 2019 Reidar

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In 2019, 100 ( numbered ) new Year Dogs were born in the glow of the furnaces of the Nuutajärvi glass village.

The 2019 year dog Reidar carries with it a mild masculinity with its blue-gray color and angular shape. The sides blown into the metal mesh are wrapped in a fresh white filigree ribbon.

The first one, called Nuutajärvi noutaja, was announced in 2013. The restricted series quickly found its friends, and not many have run free. In 2020, the last Dog of the Year will therefore be announced. There will thus be 8 different yearling dogs.

Designed by Markku Salo, the 2019 Dog of the Year Reidar is handcrafted in the cabin of Nuutajärvi Glass Company. Each piece is numbered and signed by its creator. Professionals Janne Rahunen, Manuel Diemer, Otto Koivuranta, Inchal Ha and Heikki Viinikainen who work in Nuutajärvi have participated in its production (glassblowing, grinding).

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